Soundstate Beats


Soundstate Beats is a producers team from Almere, the Netherlands. After reknown blogs picked up the first 2 beattapes they dropped loads of releases, on homeground and internationally!

After Eon One did a couple of beats for Miga’s rap releases back in 2007 they discovered they had a similar method of creating sample beats. In 2008 Miga and Eon One teamed up and formed SoundState Beats. The 2 beatcreators combine the vintage sound of hardware samplers with the endless possibilities and trickery of software to manifest unorthodox vibes while sharing insights on what future music should sound like. Started out doin’ beats for D.Lipps, MC DRT, Next Level, Engel, Skenkie and several other Dutch rap artists. Also appeared on international releases for Substance, Diabolic, Maylay Sparks, MindsOne, Coast and many other MC’s from across the globe. Since Hiphop is a universal experience Soundstate Beats anticipates on working without boarders and tunes from the rising duo are expected to be released worldwide, as more artists find their way to Soundstate. Find out who’s who, and you might be surprised it’s a Dutch production team supplying your favorite MC’s.

Formerly worked with:


D.Lipps (NL)
Next Level (NL)
Skenkie (NL)
D-Rymez (UK)
Substance (USA)
Diabolic (USA)
Maylay Sparks (USA)